Artisan Fabrics Collection

At Dots & Blocks we specialise in hand printing artisan fabrics using wooden printing blocks.

We have a fabulous selection of designs that are hand carved in India especially for us, Fair Trade, ethically sourced and sustainable 🙏 With lots of designs available, every single printed piece is one of a kind. Most of our work is commission based – we can print any combination of designs you would like, and in colours which you choose (with advice from Karen every step of the way!) – see our Portfolio tab for inspiration 💜

The range of artisan fabrics listed online includes: crystal grid cloths, shawls, tea towels, aprons and throws – but we can print on many more items…

Our designs include:
*Celestial: suns, moons, stars, moon phases and triple moon / goddess.
*Sanskrit symbols including breathe, and the 7 chakras (two sets),
*Buddha’s, Buddha heads, lotus flowers,
*Guardian angel and various feathers
*Various spirit / totem animals: ravens, owls, peacocks, elephants, wolves, foxes, snakes, bats, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, luna moths….
*Sacred geometry: seed of life, flower of life, metatron’s cube, tree of life, pentacle, 7 pointed fairy star, Sri Yantra, merkaba,  triskellion and mandalas
*Fantasy: fairies, unicorns, Phoenix, dragons, mermaids