Crystal Grid Cloths – made to order

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These fabric Grid Cloths are perfect for meditation and crystal energy work – either at home or while away.
Choose from 10 designs and printed to order in colour of your choice.
PLEASE NOTE: we have LOTS more block colours available, please ask if you’re looking for something specific 🙏



Created using wooden printing blocks and specialist fabric paint onto 100% white cotton, each cloth is approximately 30cm (12″) square with a fully hemmed edge.

Choose from 10 designs – all grid cloths are printed to order in a colour of your choice. PLEASE NOTE: we have LOTS more block designs and colours available, please contact us if you’re looking for something specific 🙏

Designs available are:
1 = Seed of life – approx 8″ diameter
2 = Flower of life – approx 8″ diameter
3 = Tree of life – approx 8″ diameter
4 = Metatron’s cube – approx 8″ diameter
5 = Sri Yantra – approx 10″ square
6 = Pentagram – approx 8″ diameter
7 = Seven pointed fairy star – approx 8″ diameter
8 = Yin Yang Mandala – approx 8″ diameter
9 = Crescent moon – approx 7″ diameter
10 = Sun – approx 7″ diameter

Colours available are:
Pearl red
Pearl orange
Pearl yellow
Pearl green
Pearl blue
Pearl pink
Pearl purple
Pearl gold
Pearl copper
Rainbow (mixed finishes – see graphic)

If you are new to meditation grids, here’s a great explanation of how they work – from The Crystal Council –

Plus, you can also learn a lot more by visiting our Crystal Grid board on Pinterest

4 reviews for Crystal Grid Cloths – made to order

  1. Ro Boulton-Nash

    Karen is amazing and has made me some special sacred geometry grids that I use in my meditation groups – brilliant service and really prompt printing – I’ll be ordering some more very soon. Thankyou so much 😀
    Ro Boulton-Nash 2nd Feb 2020 via Facebook

  2. Hazel Taylor

    I ordered 3 for a friend – and ended up ordering three custom one for myself! Very good quality material, lovely prints and excellent first-class customer service from Karen. She will go through exactly what you want for a custom order with the utmost patience, advice and helpful suggestions to make your order perfect. Thank you so much Karen!

  3. Craig

    I was given a sacred geometery grid as a gift.
    It is a high quality print and thought it would be a nice addition.
    I used it initially as part of a crystal grid and WOW!
    Its not just a pretty print.
    I have been practising reiki for nearly 20 years. The energy increase, just by using your grid, was MASSIVE!
    Usui, seichem, holy fire Reiki Master.

  4. Karen White

    Thank you so so much for my beautiful crystal grid cloths. Everyone at Christmas loved them. They have so many benefits for grid lovers 🥰 and can travel anywhere with you. They fold up nicely in your bag .

    Karen customised my grids , for my friends and did a beautiful job – the colours were amazing . Her administration to support any clients I have to say 100% out their Karen was so wonderful such a beautiful soul and nothing was to much to ask for. Karen happy to play with colours and very creative in mixing many to create the grid cloth you’d like 💗🙏.
    Karen’s information on all her grid work was spectacular and very helpful. Reading through prior to ordering . I use mine in my home and enjoy moving them around the house . The grids are wonderfully made the stitching lovely . I’d not hesitate to purchase more from Karen 🌈 Thank you 🙏
    Review via messenger 17th Feb 2021

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1 = Seed of life – approx 8" diameter, 2 = Flower of life – approx 8" diameter, 3 = Tree of life – approx 8" diameter, 4 = Metatron's cube – approx 8" diameter, 5 = Sri Yantra – approx 10" square, 6 = Pentagram – approx 8" diameter, 7 = Seven pointed fairy star – approx 8" diameter, 8 = Yin Yang Mandala – approx 8" diameter, 9 = Crescent moon – approx 7" diameter, 10 = Sun – approx 7" diameter


Pearl red, Pearl orange, Pearl yellow, Pearl green, Pearl blue, Pearl pink, Pearl purple, Pearl gold, Pearl copper, Rainbow (mixed finishes)