Foam printing mat, choice of 2 types


Choice of 2 types of printing mat, and we would recommend buying both 😊
The thicker mat is perfect for beginners and is supplied in some of our kits. It works for all projects, and is what we use in all our workshops.
The thinner A3 foam mat is perfect for use inside items like tote bags and T-shirts.
Affordable items, why not add both to your basket to cover your future needs.
Please note, colours vary.



Choice of 2 different items:

Printing mat
Use this mat (smooth side up) underneath your printing projects. Stamping mat made of foam at the correct density for use with wooden printing blocks. Ensures a perfect print every time.
Hand trimmed to 9.5″ (approx 22cm) square, thickness approx 7mm – colours vary.

Thin block printing insert
Soft and foam-like material that is perfect for placing inside larger fabric projects (such as inside a tote bag or a T-shirt).
Provides a cushion for the wooden printing block to give a perfect print while also preventing paint accidentally going through to the other side.
A3 (30cm x 42 cm), thickness 2 mm – colours vary.


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Additional information

Type of foam mat

Thick square, Thin A3