About Dots & Blocks

You may well be wondering how my block printing journey began….

It all started back in spring 2017. I was taking it easy at home when I turned on Create and Craft (a TV channel dedicated to all things craft). There on the TV was a lovely lady called Laura Vacker (owner of Blockwallah). She was demonstrating hand carved wooden printing blocks from India – I was mesmerised by their beauty, so decided to order just one piece from the TV show. That was it – I was hooked!

After trying one block, I sought out the Blockwallah website and placed an order direct with them for £200 worth of blocks 😁 After using them, I contacted Laura to ask if she had any vacancies for a member of a design team. So that’s how I became even more involved – I have created lots of samples that were used on TV, in magazine articles and continue to travel around the world to trade shows.

Never underestimate the potential for a single moment to change your life course forever. Everything comes to us at the right time, and 4 years later I continue to love this beautiful craft – and teach it to others 🙏💜🙏