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When is a print more than just a print?
Here at Dots and Blocks we offer a wide range of commission printing, and we encourage you to consider if you would like your creations to have a hidden meaning. Something that speaks to your heart, a bespoke connection.

Here are just a few ways this can be achieved:
* choice of colour of fabric to print onto
* choice of printing colour
* adding an initial or name to the corner
* adding a sanskrit symbol into the print
* use of totem / spirit animals

This is the first in a series of blog posts where we will be exploring these topics in more detail.

Here are a few examples of our previous customer commission requests:
🌟 you may have a specific number that is significant to you – we have created a shawl that had 9 of each selected design printed on it.
🌟 you may have a spirit animal and / or a symbol you hold dear, we have printed a tree of life and raven shawl in a specific colour combination of meaning to our client.
🌟 clients who are in tune with their energy know that they need to work on specific chakras, so will request a colour of shawl to act as a reminder. Those needing to work on their root chakra request a red shawl.
🌟 some need to be reminded to maintain balance of their energies, and will request a rainbow print. Or a white shawl featuring the 7 chakras printed in their associated colours.
🌟 those who want to remember a loved one, we have created shawls with names added to them.

Of course, your piece doesn’t have to have a hidden meaning 🙏 You might choose the colour orange because it makes you smile on the inside. Or select a black shawl because it goes with anything. Whatever the reason for choosing, you can be sure to select the right colour for you.

Intrigued to learn more? This is the first in a series of blogs exploring these different ways to create a meaningful design, bespoke for you.