About Dots & Blocks

Hi there – I’m Karen from Dots and Blocks, and I live in Wiltshire with my husband Chris and our furbaby Shadow 💖 Our home is located within Durrington Walls Superhenge, part of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.

I have been a creative and crafty person for as long as I can remember, even as a child. I started young with fabrics and cross stitching, and drawing birds and nature, then as an adult moved into scrapbooking, card making and much more! 

Then in 2010 I had extreme work related stress, which gave me shingles leading to fibromyalgia (not diagnosed until 2013). Things kinda hit bottom in 2016 when I resigned from work due to a new line manager being a bully…. I was already battling daily with anxiety, stress and depression (as well as chronic pain, fatigue and sleep deprivation), and the new line manager tipped me over the edge. I spent a year in bed, had severe panic attacks if I went outside, and inside my head was a dark and scary place….. 

I was referred to a specialist at hospital and they advised me to take up meditation and use my creativity for mindfulness, but I was such a mess I couldn’t get my inner voice to shut up! That’s when I discovered Dot Mandalas in 2017 – they engaged my brain in a way no other crafty hobby did, and I attained a meditative state naturally. 

Following 18 months of recovering, I finally felt that I wanted to return to society – but knew I wouldn’t be fit for a normal job. So, I  decided to use my skills as a corporate trainer to share my passion for mindfulness through creativity with others. I trialled the workshop idea for 6 months, and Dots and Blocks was launched in July 2019 🙏 

I am passionate about promoting mindfulness through creativity using Dot Mandalas and Block Printing 💖  

I would say that my approach to teaching is about giving students the confidence to give it a go. Teaching the basic steps, and empowering them to be brave – creativity often takes courage, and I love to help people and see them learning new skills. The look on their faces when they have finished pieces at workshops is priceless – they are so proud of themselves and it truly warms my heart.